Ramadan Advent Calendar


Salam – peace be upon you!

Let’s get excited and welcome Ramadan by having these cute mini envelopes ready in time for us to benefit from this glorious month InshaAllah!!

Let me first start by saying that this activity should not be left until Ramadan starts, as you may find that cutting these all out it quite a BIG task. So instead, have a  get together with your friends or childrens’ friends/ cousin and do this as a nice big activity. Hopefully this will all get everyone excited about Ramadan and slowly prepare us.

I have included some hadiths and small tasks that go with each day, which I hope you will all benefit from, but if you don’t fancy the ones I have written out, you are more than welcome to write you own using the blank templates that I have provided too. InshaAllah.

I have also included an extra envelope with the number ’31’ on it, as you are more than welcome to use these outside of Ramadan for the other months of the Gregorian year.

I hope you all benefit from my freebies InshaAllah.

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You can print this and frame it or print it and send it as a greeting card :)  Help spread this love and share with your family and friends. If you choose to have it printed and framed, then why not tag me on Instagram to have it featured? :)

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  • Free for personal use. This means use them on personal print projects.
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Ramadan Advent Calendar:





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