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Thank you for subscribing! Here is your first unofficial top secret freebie!!

I will officially start sending out weekly newsletters  starting in the month of April inshaAllah but you guys get to have a freebie for being the first ones to subscribe to my blog!! How cool is that?!

Stay tuned for my first official email in April inshaAllah 🙂

You can print this and frame it or print it and send it as a greeting card :)  Help spread this love and let your family and friends know about my weekly freebies – please encourage them to subscribe and help spread the beauty of Islam.

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Terms of use on these are as follows:

  • Free for personal use. This means use them on personal print projects.
  • Please link back to this post and attribute credit to Quote Lovin.
  • Please do not distribute these files. Instead, just link back to this post.

If these come in handy for one of your projects, perhaps you could say thanks in several ways.